Establish a Telework Coordinator

A department’s Telework Coordinator is a strategic thinker and planner responsible for helping the department implement and maintain an effective telework program.

Telework Coordinators

Each department will designate a department Telework Coordinator (TWC) and backup who is accountable for the goals of the department’s telework program and serves as the point of contact for the Department of General Services’ (DGS) Statewide Telework Officer. The TWC should have direct access to the department leadership and should reside within a department’s human resources office or other comparable office enabling alignment with strategic decision-making. The TWC is intended to fill a strategic role to help departments incorporate telework to support departmental operations. In designating a TWC, departments should consider the role as an advisor to department leadership on telework related matters. Departments, given their size or complexity, may choose to appoint telework liaisons within the organization to support their telework program.

The TWC is responsible for:

    • Serving as primary point of contact for employees who have questions or concerns about the telework program.
    • Developing or assisting with department policy, guidelines, and implementation for telework.
    • Serving as an advisor for department leadership regarding telework.
    • Serving as a resource for supervisors with telework issues and concerns.
    • Assisting with completion and reporting of metrics to ascertain effectiveness of telework program.
    • Serving as point of contact for DGS regarding telework program and its effectiveness.
    • Ensuring approved Telework Agreements (STD. 200) are retained.
    • Reviewing approved STD. 200’s for compliance with the telework program.

The TWC will assist with the completion and reporting of metrics to ascertain the effectiveness of the telework program as outlined in the Statewide Telework Policy.

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